When you have a multi-cultural wedding, you want to make sure everyone is happy. With two cultures and languages, it can be challenging making sure everyone gets the information they need and are also entertained, so they have the best time ever.

Here are our guidelines for keeping all those friends and family smiling on the day. Take care of these things in advance, and you can relax knowing you’ve done your best. Keeping them all happy isn’t easy but let’s give it a go!

Hire The Right Team

Look for wedding vendors from your culture or who have experience working with your culture. Basically, you want a dream team of vendors who get you as a couple. A DJ who is trilingual on the mic then can mix the best beats from both cultures – yeah, that’s how you get the party going!

The Wedding Website

Questions…they come at you harder and faster as the wedding day approaches. If you can answer most of them with, “that info is on the website,” you will be giving yourself the gift of peace and quiet leading up to the big day. It will take some work putting the words into two languages, but it will be worth it.

Give all the info guests might need, including times, directions, dress codes, and what will happen during traditional rituals and ceremonies. Add photos to make it all clearer and prettier as well.

Bilingual Signage

Show me a sign! Bilingual signs are gold. The chances of wedding guests being late, lost, or confused about the Sangeet, Mass, or Chinese tea ceremony will be much less with signs in both languages.

The Ceremony

Have you ever been to a wedding when you couldn’t see? It was so disappointing, wasn’t it? Imagine not being able to understand the sweet vow exchange or the touching readings. A bilingual officiant or celebrant working with a translator can be the answer. Not every word is translated, so don’t worry it will take forever. Just the main parts will be shared so the love and meaning behind the ceremony will be clear.

Bilingual/bi-cultural MC

Guests relax more if they know what’s coming up next. A talented bilingual MC with some personality, style, and grace will make your event memorable for everyone.

Older guests especially like to get the heads up on when the first dance is happening so they can dash to the bathroom or bar in time.

Blending Cultures

It takes some skill to blend the cultures in an effortless-looking way, but you might find it’s a fun process once you get creative. With the music, you can get the DJ to blend songs from both cultures for key moments like the couple’s grand entrance and cake cutting moments. Food and drink can be fused together with help from your chef and bar staff.


A highlight of the wedding reception can be the wedding games. Games can be a nod to the bride and groom’s culture and a fun way for families to learn a new tradition.


I’ve saved my favorite subject for last. Ask guests to submit song requests before the wedding day. It can make someone’s night to hear their favorite song and music brings people together in wonderful ways.